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The Carnival- A Short Mystery

A gifted musician. A mysterious stranger. A date with destiny. Frazzle, Michigan-bred, Hollywood bound, is destined for great things, but what he has in talent is stymied by the doldrums of life on the road. When the young, gifted pianist meets a mysterious stranger, dressed in strange garb, he reconnects with the creative well ...

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Karen: an excerpt from Trinity of Horror Vol 2

An excerpt from A Deadly Summer Day: Three Tales of Extreme Horror and Suspense

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Guest Post: MY TOP 3 FEARS by Yawatta Hosby

Horror writer @yawatta_hosby shares her top 3 fears #horror #amwriting #horrorwriters

Dark Fantasy Excerpt: A Broken Winter by Kale Night

The butterfly knew exactly where it was going—Heim, a small fishing village on Enra’s rugged coastline. Heim was renowned for throwing elaborate feasts. Candied salmon was never in short supply, frequently employed to motivate petulant children. Fish was the main staple, its preparation varying in accordance with the method of preservation, be it pickled, salted, ...

Why horror almost died and why it’s coming back by Neil McGowan

Horror has been in something of a decline since the late eighties. Big-name authors aside, there have been few new authors who've managed to break into the mainstream with horror novels. Happily, this trend seems to be reversing, with a slew of new names appearing, and the big five publishing houses dipping their toes into ...

Bloody Sheets- A Tale of Revenge and Horror

A man is out for revenge and he won't stop until the Klan's blood runs dry. Get it on sale for your Kindle today. When a young black man is lynched in a small Alabama town, his estranged father — a crime world enforcer — sets out for revenge, embarking on a blood - ...

Guest Post: Monsters – Making them scary, making them more by Z. F. Sigurdson

We horror fans love monsters. Big monsters, ugly monsters, terrifying monsters. We love them. We love being scared by them, we love seeing them at the corner of our vision after a particularly good horror movie. Sometimes we are in awe by them. A monster can be anything. This can apply to a demon, a ...

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