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Netted- The Silent Red Room Saga

Welcome to The Silent Red Room, where your imagination is only a Bitcoin away.

Happy Holidays

Wow. Where has the time gone? Two years ago, I posted a horror Chrstmas story, Santa. It was one of my earliest works. My (oh my) do I have to say that times do change. I've written so much since then, made some new writing friends, adopted a penname and worked with many editors. I'm ...

Book Review: Rotten Bodies by Steven Jenkins

Rotten Bodies 4.5/5 I had fun reading this!  I got it free and it sat in my kindle for a little bit before I got around to reading it. Each unique tale followed different characters during the beginning, middle or after the zombie apocalypse. Usually, I don’t go for these types of books, especially when ...

Audio: ‘Her’ was Featured on That Horrible Woman’s Podcast

Hello! My short story, Her, was featured on That Horrible Woman Podcast. If you want to be creeped out, have a listen. http://thathorriblewoman.libsyn.com/that-horrible-woman-s1e11#t3L6JgYZyyJZFH21.01 Happy Listening :)!