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Dark Summer Reads on sale!

Grab yourself a few novels on Kindle Unlimited or for 0.99! Horror, scares, and creepy reads book sale. Get these horror reads for 0.99 or on Kindle Unlimitedhttps://storyoriginapp.com/to/W8S4Cm9 Dark suspense reads on Kindle Unlimitedhttps://books.bookfunnel.com/suspensefulreadsku/yavy2cj5mx

eBook Giveaways and a cash giveaway for August

Hey! I hope your summer's going good. I got some more horror and thriller giveaways for you to check out. Oh, and one of them is doing a $25 cash giveaway.   Discover your new sci-fi, fantasy and/or horror favorite and explore new (to you) authors. https://claims.prolificworks.com/gg/K4xqlaDWXQDwBvUWQWMI Here's your chance to win $25! Find your ...

eBook Giveaways to kick off the Summer

https://books.bookfunnel.com/darkromance_mafia_mc_alpha/banuqajulh Need something to get your blood boiling? Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of dark romance books. Available for free for a limited time. https://claims.prolificworks.com/gg/K1gHC1SEhLtatjT8dUqp Find your new nail-biting favorite and discover new authors of the horror, suspense, crime and/or thriller genres.  https://claims.prolificworks.com/gg/ZnbWg6oVfBRI8CWhtEs5 Summer reading, browse ...

Free ebooks of April 2019! Part One

Here is part one of April's free book giveaways! And if you haven't voted for Netted- Inside Out for cover of the month, go drop a vote! If we win, I'll release the first chapter of Netted- The Crash, free! https://allauthor.com/cover-of-the-month/4507/ Jessica finds herself apart of the Silent Red Room Cult and quickly learns why ...

eBook Giveaways for St. Patty’s Day

Free eBooks by many authors

March free eBook Giveaway List

This is only part one for this month! Get yourself some free eBooks. Click on the photo; it'll take you there. Multigenre books! Party hard for MardiĀ Gras this year by chilling with some of these free books! This list wouldn't be complete without some dark fiction, would it? For those who need a short read ...

More February freebies. Get some dark eBooks!

Here it is. The second set of free ebook giveaways for February.