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Happy Holidays

Wow. Where has the time gone? Two years ago, I posted a horror Chrstmas story, Santa. It was one of my earliest works. My (oh my) do I have to say that times do change. I've written so much since then, made some new writing friends, adopted a penname and worked with many editors. I'm ...

Netted: The Cover Reveal

It's been a while since I've released anything. But I'm happy to announce the up and coming release of my horror novella Netted: The Beginning. Dale, a young man fresh out of a long term relationship, takes to a dating phone app with the hopes of getting back out there. Unfortunately, he's dragged into the ...

Happy Halloween Horror Lovers: $0.99 Horror Fest

Happy Halloween! When you find time between watching scary movies and doing some candy and/or costume shopping, get your hands on some horror ebooks for only $0.99. The sale ends on November 3rd so don't miss it: $0.99 Horror Fest Have fun!

A Classic Corner Book Review: Metzengerstein by Edgar Allan Poe

What an amazing dark, weird short, short story.

A Classic Corner Book Review: The Night Shift by Stephen King

Title: The Night Shift By: Stephen King Genre: Horror Rating: 4.5/5 If my skin wasn't crawling or my heart wasn't racing, then I was cringing. This was a hell of a short story collection. At some points, you can tell this was a collection of King's earlier works. But then at other times, it seemed ...

Onlinebookclub’s review of When We Swing

The Onlinebookclub did a review of my dark erotic thriller, When We Swing. Here's an excerpt: ...The novel rotates among all the characters so we can get a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings towards each other- and it isn't pretty. All six are all hiding secrets and hatching private plans, forming a Rubik's cube ...

Giveaway Alert: Twisted Erotic Dark Fiction

I have a giveaway going on Amazon right now for my erotic dark fiction novel: When We Swing. Enter for your chance to win an ebook. https://www.amazon.com/ga/p/f8e81930364caca2    

Book Review: One Rainy Night By Richard Laymon

One Rainy Night By: Richard Laymon 5/5 stars The death of a Haitian teen leaves a town in turmoil. The night after a boy's death, it begins to rain. Black rain. Whenever the residents come into contact with the precipitation, they turn into homicidal, sex crazed maniacs. I loved this story. It is what I ...

Order Michigan’s Emerging Writers Anthology

I am proud to announce that one of my short stories has been chosen to be published in Z Publishing's Michigan's Emerging Writer's Anthology this year! It's out today. Go grab your copy! Genre: Multi Genre fiction By: Some Emerging Michigan Writers https://www.amazon.com/dp/1725001144/  

Book Review: The Vampire of Downing Street and Other Stories by Amy Cross

  The Vampire of Downing Street and Other Stories By: Amy Cross Genre: Horror, short story collection Rating: 3/5 stars From the title, I thought I was digging into a raunchy, modern day collection of short stories based around a vampire. I've been looking for these lately. But only one of the stories fit that ...

Book Review: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

I listened this on Audible and was hooked until the end. 

Book Review: Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul By Tobias Wade and Others

Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul By: Tobias Wade and many others 3.5/5 This is a collection of horror stories that tie together in the end. Each story has a theme that begins with a letter in the English alphabet. Some of the letters didn't fit with the main plot. If they did, ...