Preorder When We Swing- An Erotic Thriller on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo

Hi guys. It's here! When We Swing- A Dark Twisted Erotic Thriller. Synopsis: Friends have a way of breaking a person out of their comfort zone . . . Mark has always felt like an outsider. Growing up, being bullied and teased, he doubted his life would ever get better. Then he meets his new ...

Junk for Two- A Short from ‘A Trinity of Wicked Tales’

Dark Fiction Short Story. Check it out and Happy Saturday! Source: Junk for Two- A Short from 'A Trinity of Wicked Tales'

When We Swing- An Erotic Thriller

Check out my upcoming dark erotic thriller! Coming soon!   Source: When We Swing- An Erotic Thriller

Audio: ‘Her’ was Featured on That Horrible Woman’s Podcast

Hello! My short story, Her, was featured on That Horrible Woman Podcast. If you want to be creeped out, have a listen. Happy Listening :)!

Audio: Home of the Condemned Narrated by Immunity Zero. Check it out! My short story Home of the Condemned was featured on Immunity Zero's Youtube channel! He and his team did an amazing job with narration, music, sound effects... everything! So have a listen and subscribe for more stories narrated by him. Happy listening!  

Guest Post: Sometimes He Comes to Visit by Alledria Hurt

Hello everyone! This month, the short story will be coming from dark fantasy and horror author, Alledria Hurt. Alledria Hurt is a Savannah, GA based horror enthusiast and writer with an unhealthy penchant for dark roast coffee. She has several novels available on Amazon including Dark King Rising, her debut work in the horror genre. When ...

A Trinity of Wicked Tales- Jilted Love Book Trailer

  In this collection of dark tales lives will be savagely twisted, inner demons will be reawakened and deception will reign supreme. A quest for a fix turns bloody for two heroin addicts as their vicious endeavors land them into a gruesome pitfall. A marketing executive and car salesmen are deceived by the ones they ...

Guest Appearance on the Speculative Fiction Cantina Radio Broadcast

I'll be doing a live reading of my horror short story Her, an author interview and answering your questions. Join me tonight 6 PM EST on the Speculative Fiction Cantina Blog Talk Radio. Source: Guest Appearance on the Speculative Fiction Cantina Radio Broadcast Update: This episode is available here: Happy Listening!

Evenings with Ms. Lynn

Wade had to admit, the package gave him a hard time. Not only was it hard to find, it didn’t go willingly either. The package, or Bill as they called him in English, threw all two-hundred fifty pounds of himself around, planting blow after blow to Wade’s face and chest, leaving scrapes, bruises and broken ...


Hi, here’s a little about me and my projects

Source: Hi, here's a little about me and my projects

Horror book giveaway, giveaway and more giveaways!

I have some giveaways I wanted to share with you all. I'm giving away a sighed paperback copy of A Trinity of Wicked Tales on Goodreads until May 11, 2017. There is also a giveaway for A Trinity of Wicked Tales for kindle on Amazon until April 30, 2017. I'm also giving away a signed ...

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