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My brother and I didn’t believe in Santa Clause. We were sure that the stories my parents told us all were fairytales. None of the kids in town, or the world, would ever dream of being deemed a trouble maker. That was solely thanks to the disturbing Christmas folklores our parents told us. These stories were passed on from generation

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The First Ride is Free

Cloe owed it to her infant son and lethargic boyfriend to pick up a night job. How else would they survive? Certainly not with her retail job where the pay was minuscule relative to her new expenses. Her prayers were answered by a mobile app which secured her a job driving strangers around. How easy is that? She had been

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Happier Beginnings-A 5 Minute Read

Haley saw her fraternal twins off to prom earlier that evening. She rented them each a luxury sports car while Kevin, her husband, gave them $500 each. Aware that the gifts would be used as ammunition to conduct mischief, she couldn’t help but smile. She was proud of them. Each scored academic and sports scholarships to their first choice universities and they

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Junk for Two- A Short from ‘A Trinity of Wicked Tales’

An old black minivan sat in the parking lot of a convenience store on a dead-end street. The street’s patrons were non-existent at the hour as the street was lined with factories; half of them were closed for the evening, the rest, abandoned. The van’s black paint was chipping off the hood, leaving the bare spots to be overtaken by

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