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Take a peek at a short story featured in the ‘Trinity of Wicked Tales’ series or a chapter from my coming novels.

Karen: an excerpt from Trinity of Horror Vol 2

An excerpt from A Deadly Summer Day: Three Tales of Extreme Horror and Suspense

Three married couples try a sexy experiment. They find everything but love

Mark has always felt like an outsider. Growing up, being bullied and teased, he doubted his life would ever get better. Then he meets his college roommates: the charming and handsome Blain Prazzel and the athletic-built, short-tempered John Motley.After college, they took over Blain’s family business and became a major success. Everything seemed well until their ...

Junk for Two- A Short from ‘A Trinity of Wicked Tales’

Trev rested uneasily in the driver’s seat while Suzie pawed around a sterling silver jewelry box. She cursed her shaken fingers whenever she fumbled its contents onto the garbage-filled floor. After digging around fast-food wrappers, grocery bags, and several used needles, she hoisted a platinum bracelet in front of her face, using the late moon ...