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Information about my current and upcoming books.

The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel

A new supernatural horror novel from K.T. Rose

A Dark Web Horror Box Set is on Kindle

When a serial killer pulls Dale and Jessica into his world of torture and murder, they are left fighting to escape the clutches of a sadistic cult leader. Kindle: Dale simply wanted to rebound from a failed relationship. Now, he is fighting to escape abduction. Jessica’s curiosity led her onto the dark web where ...

Teaser: The Haunting of Gallagher Hotel

She’ll never forget the day she died.

Karen: an excerpt from Trinity of Horror Vol 2

An excerpt from A Deadly Summer Day: Three Tales of Extreme Horror and Suspense

Dark Fantasy Excerpt: A Broken Winter by Kale Night

The butterfly knew exactly where it was going—Heim, a small fishing village on Enra’s rugged coastline. Heim was renowned for throwing elaborate feasts. Candied salmon was never in short supply, frequently employed to motivate petulant children. Fish was the main staple, its preparation varying in accordance with the method of preservation, be it pickled, salted, ...

Get A Dark Web Horror Trilogy on Kindle

The Dark Web Horror Trilogy is on Kindle!

Trish- A gothic vampire stuck in today’s time

What am I doing right now? I thought you'd never ask! I'm working on a series about a two-century-old vampire, Trish, who shapeshifts into the modern woman that's apart of our world today. She blends in with society with the help of an amulet she got from a witch in the early-1800s shortly after she ...

The Carnival- A Short Mystery

A gifted musician. A mysterious stranger. A date with destiny. Frazzle, Michigan-bred, Hollywood bound, is destined for great things, but what he has in talent is stymied by the doldrums of life on the road. When the young, gifted pianist meets a mysterious stranger, dressed in strange garb, he reconnects with the creative well ...

Guest Post: What’s Horror for?

Today we have a guest post from paranormal horror author, Sandra Glaze. In this post, she shares her take on horror and its relevance in literature. Thanks, Sandra and congratulations on your feature in Liquid Imagination! Let's get grim! There was a time when I was embarrassed to tell people that I write ghost stories ...

Is escape possible from a cult that feeds on fear?

Free on Kindle Unlimited A Horror/Suspense Novel with lots of twists and turns! Amazon: Amazon Universal Link: Is escape possible from a cult that feeds on fear?  Jessica, the community sixteen-year-old, seemed to be centered around the type of love and acceptance that was missing from her life. Young and impressionable, she found ...

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