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K. T. Rose is a horror, thriller, and dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan. She is the author of a collection of gruesome, suspenseful, short stories titled A Trinity of Wicked Tales Volume One: Jilted. Her first erotic thriller novel, When We Swing, was released Summer 2017.

Happy Halloween Horror Lovers: $0.99 Horror Fest

Happy Halloween! When you find time between watching scary movies and doing some candy and/or costume shopping, get your hands on some horror ebooks for only $0.99. The sale ends on November 3rd so don't miss it: $0.99 Horror Fest Have fun!

A Classic Corner Book Review: Metzengerstein by Edgar Allan Poe

What an amazing dark, weird short, short story.

A Classic Corner Book Review: The Night Shift by Stephen King

Title: The Night Shift By: Stephen King Genre: Horror Rating: 4.5/5 If my skin wasn't crawling or my heart wasn't racing, then I was cringing. This was a hell of a short story collection. At some points, you can tell this was a collection of King's earlier works. But then at other times, it seemed ...

Onlinebookclub’s review of When We Swing

The Onlinebookclub did a review of my dark erotic thriller, When We Swing. Here's an excerpt: ...The novel rotates among all the characters so we can get a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings towards each other- and it isn't pretty. All six are all hiding secrets and hatching private plans, forming a Rubik's cube ...

Giveaway Alert: Twisted Erotic Dark Fiction

I have a giveaway going on Amazon right now for my erotic dark fiction novel: When We Swing. Enter for your chance to win an ebook.    

Book Review: One Rainy Night By Richard Laymon

One Rainy Night By: Richard Laymon 5/5 stars The death of a Haitian teen leaves a town in turmoil. The night after a boy's death, it begins to rain. Black rain. Whenever the residents come into contact with the precipitation, they turn into homicidal, sex crazed maniacs. I loved this story. It is what I ...

Order Michigan’s Emerging Writers Anthology

I am proud to announce that one of my short stories has been chosen to be published in Z Publishing's Michigan's Emerging Writer's Anthology this year! It's out today. Go grab your copy! Genre: Multi Genre fiction By: Some Emerging Michigan Writers  

Book Review: The Vampire of Downing Street and Other Stories by Amy Cross

  The Vampire of Downing Street and Other Stories By: Amy Cross Genre: Horror, short story collection Rating: 3/5 stars From the title, I thought I was digging into a raunchy, modern day collection of short stories based around a vampire. I've been looking for these lately. But only one of the stories fit that ...

Book Review: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

I listened this on Audible and was hooked until the end. 

Book Review: Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul By Tobias Wade and Others

Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul By: Tobias Wade and many others 3.5/5 This is a collection of horror stories that tie together in the end. Each story has a theme that begins with a letter in the English alphabet. Some of the letters didn't fit with the main plot. If they did, ...

Book Review: Blood in a Box by Foster Medina

Title: Blood in a Box Author: Foster Medina Rating: 4/5 stars A super freaky read. Characterization was on point and the fetishes explored were beyond insane (I won't say what they are, but trust me it's twisted). Five people are stuck on an elevator for the weekend. Pretty straight forward right? Sounds familiar? Well this ...

Sharing is caring…sort of.

Readers, Read anything interesting lately? Was it dark fiction, suspense, horror, thriller or dark fantasy? How about dark, taboo erotica? If so and you would like to share your review here on, let me know! I'm always looking for something new to read and would like to feature your thoughts! It can be a ...