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Horror book giveaway, giveaway and more giveaways!

I have some giveaways I wanted to share with you all. I’m giving away a sighed paperback copy of A Trinity of Wicked Tales on Goodreads until May 11, 2017.–jilted-love There is also a giveaway for A Trinity of Wicked Tales for kindle on Amazon Apr 30, 2017. I’m also giving away a signed paperback copy of Dark Designs from Kyrobooks

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I don’t sleep. It’s not that I can’t, it’s just that I won’t. And it’s because of her. The monster that lives in my dreams. The witch from the realm between life and death. At least that’s what she told me during our first time together. A few weeks ago, I’d seen her twice and I was fine with not

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The Hole in the Desert

Troy slouched over the chaffing bar, cursing when wood chips clung to his forearms. Then he peered over his shoulder for the tenth time. Strangers played pool in a dim corner while lapping down beers. Others were enticed by the 80-inch flat screen that blared blowing whistles and a screaming crowd. Troy dropped his face into his palms. Thoughts of

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