Month: August 2019

Get A Dark Web Horror Trilogy on Kindle

The Dark Web Horror Trilogy is on Kindle!

Guest Post: Monsters – Making them scary, making them more by Z. F. Sigurdson

We horror fans love monsters. Big monsters, ugly monsters, terrifying monsters. We love them. We love being scared by them, we love seeing them at the corner of our vision after a particularly good horror movie. Sometimes we are in awe by them. A monster can be anything. This can apply to a demon, a ...

eBook Giveaways and a cash giveaway for August

Hey! I hope your summer's going good. I got some more horror and thriller giveaways for you to check out. Oh, and one of them is doing a $25 cash giveaway.   Discover your new sci-fi, fantasy and/or horror favorite and explore new (to you) authors. Here's your chance to win $25! Find your ...