Trish- A gothic vampire stuck in today’s time

What am I doing right now? I thought you’d never ask!

I’m working on a series about a two-century-old vampire, Trish, who shapeshifts into the modern woman that’s apart of our world today. She blends in with society with the help of an amulet she got from a witch in the early-1800s shortly after she was bitten. That’s all I’m willing to give away right now. However, I promise this series will be shocking, bloody, horrifying, and intense!

Be on the lookout for Trish- Feeding Day

  1. […] However, all in all, I absolutly love the turnout! It definany won’t be my last series. Speaking of, here is what I’m working on now!Discover what reveiws have called shocking, suprising, scary, and realistic. Here is a review from […]

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