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Free on Kindle Unlimited! A Horror/Suspense Novel with lots of twists and turns!

No one leaves the cult alive.

They seem to be ordinary people. 
They have paying jobs. 
They have a tight-knit community full of love and appreciation. 
They learn, play, and celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and monumental accomplishments. 
They kill. 
When Jessica is pulled into The Silent Red Room’s twisted clan, she learns that failure to comply with Father Paul’s word could be deadly.
See why no one ever leaves the cult, even if they wanted to.

Giveaway Alert!

Enter to win the first book of the Netted trilogy.

Speaking of the trilogy, book three and the conclusion to the Netted trilogy is on pre-order!

When time runs out, bodies will fall.

Officer Boris and Detective Morgan hustle to find Dale before Father Paul pulls him back into The Silent Red Room.

Jessica, Boaty, and Tilly attempt to reach out to Detective Morgan, their savior from Father Paul’s Silent Red Room cult.

Father Paul is on a warpath, kidnapping, slaughtering and sending gruesome messages to Detective Morgan with the hopes of ending their decades-old cat and mouse chase once and for all.

The fast-paced, thrilling conclusion to the Netted Trilogy will leave you on the edge of your seat up until the twisted ending you won’t see coming.
Get it today! It’s free on Kindle Unlimited!

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