Free ebooks of April 2019! Part One

Here is part one of April’s free book giveaways! And if you haven’t voted for Netted- Inside Out for cover of the month, go drop a vote! If we win, I’ll release the first chapter of Netted- The Crash, free!
Jessica finds herself apart of the Silent Red Room Cult and quickly learns why no one dares to leave.

On to the free stuff:

Simply click the title. It’ll take you to the giveaway page.

24th March, 2019 → 14th April, 2019

7th April, 2019 → 22nd April, 2019

11th April, 2019 → 14th April, 2019

First in Series eBook Giveaway

15th Mar, 2019 → 14th April, 2019

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