For you, From me: Thoughts from the Heart

Your compassionate tone hasn’t left me alone

since the last time we sat on your bed.

When you wiped my tears and said “I’ll always be here”

and tried to brightened my mood instead.

You rubbed my thigh, looked me in the eye

and asked if I understood.

Then you kissed my lips, grabbed my hips

and hugged me as tight as you could.

You are my first,

you are my last,

nothing had ever come close in the past.

If you leave me now, I wouldn’t be down

I’d be proud that I had the pleasure of having you around.

No one else could compare or rise above

for you are the man that beautiful dreams are made of.

A joy money can’t buy,

a commodity that many can’t try,

I’m so lucky that you’re my guy.

Happy Valentine’s Day, RC

Forever yours, indefinitely,


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