Won’t you be my Valentine and accept these February freebies?

Free February ebooks

There will be two posts dedicated to free ebook giveaways this month. Here is part 1!

Now, I know I only write dark fiction (twisted suspense, horror, and sick thrillers) but this month, I’d like to share some giveaways with you that include the aforementioned genres and a little extra. Is there romance? Um, romantic elements are in some. Are they dark and/or bloody? Duh!

10 February 2019 → 10 March 2019.
“…  misery, horror, distress, and heartbreak.” This about sums up what this giveaway has to offer for you horror/ suspense lovers out there.Download

2nd February 2019 → 14th February 2019
“Do away with romance and embrace the wicked.” Enough said.

3rd February 2019 → 17th February 2019
“Murder. Manipulation. Intrigue. Read these pulse-pounding mysteries and thrillers!” 

10th February 2019 → 28th February 2019
This is a multigenre giveaway meant help you find some new books that’ll keep you warm and cozy during this terrible winter.

11th February 2019 → 28th February 2019
The point of Valentines day: to get a little dirty. But these aren’t your typical romance; they are far darker than that.

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