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Hey! I know it’s been a while, but I’ve finally finished another sick tale. Seriously. Words can’t express how excited I am about this new release. It’s been a tough year for me. I’ve moved across the state, started a new day job, and I work weird hours (3 am- 1130 am). But I made it through the struggle and here we are. I can finally write this off as an accomplishment.

Right now, I’m giving out ARCs for my horror/technothriller Netted The Beginning. This is exciting because this marks the beginning of The Silent Red Room Saga. I have forty more copies up for grabs, so get yours while you can! Get it here https://booksprout.co/arc/10543/netted-the-beginning

If you have any questions, contact me!

Welcome to The Silent Red Room, where your imagination is only a Bitcoin away. 

When Dale uses a dating app to get over his ex, he connects with Marla, a beautiful eccentric. All is well and good…until they meet in person. 

Meanwhile, Jessica, a troubled teen, takes to surfing the darknet out of curiosity. Within its labyrinthine vastness, she discovers Father Paul, a sinister figure who uses creative methods of torture to please his rich audience. Her dreams of meeting her hero soon come true, but not in the way she hoped.

Will Dale and Jessica survive when they’re pulled into the cyber mass known as the darknet? Or are they already lost to The Silent Red Room, a horrific place amongst the darknet’s web of horrors?

The Silent Red Room, making the underbelly of the internet a better place, one missing person at a time.

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