Be true- the rants of a dark suspense author

It’s so cold outside! Ugh…lake effect winters suck. But sitting here going stir-crazy got me thinking: I’m doing things differently this year.

I haven’t written in a year because I received horrible reviews from people who’ve ignored ‘trigger’ warnings. I’ve also been wrestling with proper genre placement and forming captivating blurbs for my very violent books.

Late 2018, I’ve decided to take these issues into my own hands. I’m going to be true to the type of fiction that entertains me: the darker side of humanity.

I know this genre is frowned upon by a huge chunk of the reading community. But hear this:

  1. If blood and death bothers you, then kyrobooks isn’t for you.
  2. If you like heart-warming endings where the main characters are perfect little angels, then kyrobooks isn’t for you.
  3. If you like a predictable plot, kyrobooks is not for you.

How do you market in such a congested realm? Quick answer: marketing is a tedious venture. It’s almost impossible to get marketing advice for suspense writers. Really. I’ve attended online classes, read many books and studied many forums. The majority of the advice offered through these outlets go to romance, fantasy, and nonfiction writers. Horror/suspense? You’re on your own.

So 2019 is the year of my wrath. Over zealous? Yes. Long shot? Of course, but I never give up. This year, I’m releasing several books. One is on pre-order, another starts the editing process in two weeks, one is fully outlined, and another is in the process of being written.

My frustrations have fueled my ambition and motivated me to stay true.

Though I have a fire in my belly, there are a few things I’m improving about myself:

  1. Block out social media by using apps like OFFTIME until I have reached my writing goals for the day.
  2. Remove the Goodreads app from my phone.
  3. Create a personlized library of words and phrases (my own) consisting of unique words and strong verbs. (I’m far from perfect.)
  4. When I’m not writing, read.
  5. Share free ebooks from myself and other authors in my genre.
  6. Above all, stay true to my voice as a sick, demented author because I write what I want to write and I will continue to find readers who appreciate it.

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