Month: January 2019

Be true- the rants of a dark suspense author

It's so cold outside! Ugh...lake effect winters suck. But sitting here going stir-crazy got me thinking: I'm doing things differently this year. I haven't written in a year because I received horrible reviews from people who've ignored 'trigger' warnings. I've also been wrestling with proper genre placement and forming captivating blurbs for my very violent ...

Netted- The Silent Red Room Saga

Welcome to The Silent Red Room, where your imagination is only a Bitcoin away.

Giveaway Alert: A Bunch of Free Books!

Get yourself some free books. There are literally hundreds to choose from (you can have them all if you have space on your e-reader for them.) *These are international giveaways. This multigenre giveaway goes on until the end of this month. This giveaway is for the mystery and suspense lovers out there. It ...