A Classic Corner Book Review: The Night Shift by Stephen King

Title: The Night Shift

By: Stephen King

Genre: Horror

Rating: 4.5/5

If my skin wasn’t crawling or my heart wasn’t racing, then I was cringing. This was a hell of a short story collection. At some points, you can tell this was a collection of King’s earlier works. But then at other times, it seemed like he started out a pro (well…).

This is a collection of spooky, action packed tales. Some with twists. Others with dark, eerie endings. One of my favorites was Graveyard Shift. The ironic part about this was that I was working third shift reading this on my lunch breaks. Coworkers would keep asking me why I kept shivering and saying “Ewwww” out loud. Gross. Ugh. I still find myself shaking it off whenever the story crosses my mind.  King really knows how to put you there.

Night Surf was also a good read. It’s a well-crafted post apocalyptic horror that didn’t include zombies or monsters. It was more of a realistic monster that’s invisible to the naked eye.

The Ledge and Battleground were more thrilling  and action packed, giving the reader a break from the creeps. There were a few twisted stories like Strawberry Spring and I Know What You Need and a few weird horrors like The Mangler and The Lawnmower Man (this one was straight up repulsive! Luckily, I have a strong stomach.)

Then of course there’s Salem’s Lot and Children of the Corn (check out the GIFY for this post).

There’s something in this collection for all horror fiction fans. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am super happy that I got the hard cover so that it could live on my bookshelf forever.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, go ahead. It’s worth it.




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