Book Review: One Rainy Night By Richard Laymon

One Rainy Night

By: Richard Laymon

5/5 stars

The death of a Haitian teen leaves a town in turmoil.

The night after a boy’s death, it begins to rain. Black rain. Whenever the residents come into contact with the precipitation, they turn into homicidal, sex crazed maniacs. I loved this story. It is what I consider true dark fiction. Aside from the brutal deaths and insane characters, the elements of horror were unforgettable. I cringed when we found out what was causing the downpour that night. I enjoyed the back stories of each group of characters and how no one, no matter how likeable, was exempt from the symptoms of a psychopathic murderer once they were washed down.

The story was told in true Laymon fashion, some sexual undertones and gore tossed throughout. None of this took away from the story which was awesome.

If you like horror and suspense with a dash of gore, check this out. It’s so worth it.

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