Book Review: The Vampire of Downing Street and Other Stories by Amy Cross


The Vampire of Downing Street and Other Stories

By: Amy Cross

Genre: Horror, short story collection

Rating: 3/5 stars

From the title, I thought I was digging into a raunchy, modern day collection of short stories based around a vampire. I’ve been looking for these lately. But only one of the stories fit that assumption. It was OK but I wanted more.

This is a collection of short horror stories ranging from paranormal, mythical, zombies, and of course, vampires ( that one story at the beginning).

Of these stories, I really only liked one. The others were just okay. I was able to predict the endings and the suspense was blah. I have to admit that I skimmed through the last story because within the first three pages, I said to myself: zombie. It’s another zombie story. What’s worse is that the main character was a dimwit which frustrated me to the core.

The Vampire of Downing Street was good. The vampire had been around for centuries ruling the government from the basement. I thought it wa quite funny.

Let me in was my favorite. A new mountie was out in the haunted wilderness. The way he reacted to the strange woman asking to come into his cabin was realistic.

The Decision was clever.

When Ghost dream and Tenderling had nice twists but both stories dragged in some spots.

Pets, a post apocalyptic tale, was okay and pretty gross, which I like.

I skimmed through Frozen Charlotte. I’m a little weary of zombie tales especially if the main character is an idiot. This story wore on my patience.

In a nutshell, it was an OK read. It took me a little while to finish, as it always does with collections, and I got it free. It’s 0.99 for kindle and it’s in Kindle Unlimited. If you like short stories and horror, check it out.


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