Book Review: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

I listened this on Audible and was hooked until the end. 

Title: Heart-Shaped box

By: Joe Hill

Genre: Horror/ Paranormal

5/5 stars

I listened this on Audible and was hooked until the end.

Jude is a retired rock star with a strange obsession. He collects creepy things. His many artifacts includes a snuff film, a human skull and a suit. A haunted suit. Throughout the beginning, weird things happen to him, his assistant and girlfriend. These things include possession, things turning on and off when there is no one around and the voice of an old man lingers in their dreams. I thought this was thoroughly creepy and was upset when it was over. It’s not like the typical ghost story either. They find out everything there is to know about our antagonist and the setting takes place over several states which I really enjoyed. Jude comes off as a strong guy who doesn’t scare easy (or at all). But that changes over the course of the story for obvious reasons. I don’t want to give too much away but if you like an extremely well-written ghost story, check this out. It deserves a place on your shelf.



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