Book Review: Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul By Tobias Wade and Others

Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul

By: Tobias Wade and many others


This is a collection of horror stories that tie together in the end. Each story has a theme that begins with a letter in the English alphabet. Some of the letters didn’t fit with the main plot. If they did, I totally missed it. There are reoccurring characters that are significant to the plot and this wasn’t apparent to me until one of the later letters which is a good thing. A couple of the earlier stories didn’t capture my attention so I skipped them but went back to put it all together. In a way, I wish this was a novel but with multiple elements and authors, I can see why it’s marketed as a short story collection.

My favorite stories were A, C, and P.

The ending fell insanely short for me. It felt rushed and out of nowhere relative to the stuff that had been going on throughout the book.

All in all, I gave it 3.5 stars.

If you’re into horror, check this out.


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