The Classic Corner: Endless Night By Richard Laymon

Endless Night 

By: Richard Laymon

5/5 stars

This is my favorite book. I go back and read it often.

Jody is a teenage girl who was having a sleepover with her best friend. But the night ends in a bloody mess as her friend’s house is taken by a cult dressed in human skins. Jody and Andy (her best friend’s kid brother) escape, leaving behind a trail of innocents.

This was only the first couple of chapters. (WHAT? THERE’S MORE?)

Perhaps my favorite thing about this book is the antagonist: the sadistic, witty, intelligent Simon. The POV is beyond clever and suspenseful. I’ve literally read his parts over ten times. Simon is sent on a mission to find, catch, and murder Jody and Andy before they out the cult to the authorities. If he is unsuccessful, his ‘friends’ WILL do the same thing to his family that they do to their victims (by all means if you have a weak stomach, don’t bother picking up this book).

It’s a cat and mouse chase with one hell of an ending.

There is a great deal of violence (I mean come on, it’s Laymon) and scenes that may bother some. But it’s my type of read.

If you like splatterpunk, suspense, and dark fiction then check it out.

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