Book Review: Twisted By Uvi Poznansky


By Uvi Poznansky

3/5 stars

This was a beautifully written piece of literary fiction. Dark? Not so much. Twisted is a collection of short stories that makes one ponder about their existence, choices, and life. Along with the stories comes a poem (I’m not into poetry so I don’t feel comfortable reviewing it) and some of Uvi’s sculptures (She is an artist. She also painted the cover image which is pretty cool). This book reminded me of something that’d be apart of a college English course’s curriculum.

For the most part, this went over my head. It’s totally different from the books I usually go for (action, horror, thriller, blood, yeah, yeah, yeah!) so there were times when I’d zone out and force myself back in.

The book was only 68 pages and consisted of four stories, a poem, and photos of sculptures. The first story, I Am What I am, was my favorite. Even in the face of the Devil, the MC held her own. The second story describes what true love is. The third and fourth were from very nontraditional POVs. Interesting, but not as scary or dark as I thought it’d be. If you’re a deep thinker or go for literary fiction in general, give this a read.


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