Book Review: Awaken by Zach Bohannon

Awaken by Zach Bohannon 3.5/5 stars

This was a decent short story. It was full of the things I love in my horror stories: action and gore. The MC awakes (haha the title) in a place where he didn’t fall asleep. Unware of what’s going on around him, he’s only sure of one thing: get to his baby girl. I’m not going to say more about the plot, but I will talk about why I gave this short the rating that I gave it. A short story is supposed to be short. I get that. But there is some wiggle room. It can be a little longer than twenty pages. A lot of elements should have been explained in depth to make me care more about the MC. Also, I would LOVE to know how the hell he ended up where he was in the beginning. I can say that it was clever how we found out his deal (WTF?)  but I wish there were more clues throughout the story. For instance, where were the symptoms? He only showed one which didn’t come up until the last two lines of the story.

Take a read. It’s free. I would love to know what you think.




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