Book Review: Rotten Bodies by Steven Jenkins

Rotten Bodies 4.5/5

I had fun reading this!  I got it free and it sat in my kindle for a little bit before I got around to reading it. Each unique tale followed different characters during the beginning, middle or after the zombie apocalypse. Usually, I don’t go for these types of books, especially when a zombie is more than a walking corpse. But I’m happy that I did. The first story was as clever as the last. The second had me a little upset but it couldn’t end any other way. I like how the MC was enduring one of the many pleasures of life, which could cost him his family, when the apocalypse broke out. The third made my lungs constrict and the fourth had me full of hope. I can’t say too much without giving the stories away. If you’re into zombie horror, horrifyingly vivid descriptions, and well-crafted short stories, take an hour or so to check out Rotten Bodies.

Get it free here:

Rotten Bodies: A Zombie Short Story Collection by [Jenkins, Steven]

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