If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing

I never thought I’d publish anything outside of scientific articles. But I guess it took some traumatic, life changing events for me to step out of that ‘what if I fail’ mindframe. “It beats sitting there feeling sorry for yourself. Go ahead. Write,” Mom told me. So I started writing short stories. Those turned into a splatterpunk horror anthology, A Trinity of Wicked Tales– Jilted. The idea of jilted lovers with sinister motives and psychological issues played on the dark side of my imagination; I decided I was always going to write from there.
I’ve been asked where the idea for my novel, When We Swing, came from. Originally, it was suppose to be apart of ATOWT–Jilted, but when I started writing it, I realized it would be one hell of a novel. It plays around with the idea of swinging, something I always wondered about:
Why do people do it?
Do people benefit?
What kind of problems could that cause?
Is everyone involved comfortable with it?
With these questions and my twisted, taboo imagination, the plot and characters took shape.
In less than eight months, When We Swing was complete and within a couple days of my 28th birthday, I have the privilege of releasing it to you.
I’m proud I found something I truly love doing and if I had to do it all over…

I’d do it all the same.



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