Attention horror/ thriller/ suspense authors, bloggers and artist

Hi and Happy Saturday!

I created a Facebook group for bloggers and creatives to share thriller, suspense and horror book, TV, and movie reviews. I’m always looking for something to watch and, of course, discuss.

Write dark poetry? Share it.

Dark art? Artist are welcome to join. Post your work and I’ll share it with my 11K twitter followers.

So there you go.

This group is about sharing the strange/spooky/ captivating things we find and/or create (books, videos, art, and movies (old or new)) and discussing them.

If you are an author, you are free to promote your work on Fridays only. Based on interest from the group, I’m open to doing buddy reads. This is only open to horror (from splatter, to occult, to extreme to whatever), thriller (erotica, spy, or whatever else), suspense and dystopian fiction. 

Sorry. No romance or fantasy. I’m partial to YA, but others may like it so feel free to promote it.

I look forward to seeing you there!




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