Spring Collection of Short Fiction Forever Free!

Hi all! I’m excited to announce the release of the first ever Dark Designs Collection from Kyrobooks. I blog short fiction bimonthly (more like monthly as of late) here at Kyrobooks.com. The stories that got the most likes are featured in the Spring 2017 collection of dark fiction by yours truly.

Here’s the cover:


Blurb/ synopsis:

In the Spring 2017 collection of short fiction from Kyrobooks, accidents happen and kids go without sleep. Myths are tested and victims are sought out.

A woman and her sister crash into a river. A boy dreads the visit of an unsolicited being. Two brothers test a Christmas myth and get more than they bargain for. A new mother takes a driving gig only to find herself at the mercy of a deranged gunman.  A couple have a much anticipated talk and a would-be serial killer stalks his next victim.

I plan on doing this twice a year.

The book is available on AmazonKobo , Barnes and Noble , iTunes , Page Foundry and Scribd  and it will always be free! 🙂

Happy Reading!


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