A Cover Change?

Which cover do you like best?

The book is a collection of gruesome short stories (suspense/ dark fiction) where the characters react in unspeakable ways to jilted love. It is sexual in nature and could pass as a thriller (this read is defiantly NOT for the light-hearted).

I like abstract art so I wanted to play with that idea on the cover. I also wanted to try something a bit different from the thriller, dark fiction and dark fantasy novels that I’ve read.

I’m a new writer. So, this is my first go round with the subject. Suggestions?


  1. The center has enough spontaneity and color (love the color) to it that definitely piques my interest. LOVE the cover.

    1. Hi DJ. Thanks for your input. I love both covers so it’s hard to choose (lol). I’ve updated the post with more information about the book and put both covers next to each other. Still like the black cover more?

      1. They’re both really nice! I like the second one more though. It looks cleaner and is much easier to read the text. I can see why it’s hard to choose though! Lol.

  2. I’m kind of new around here but for what it’s worth it does look good. Maybe lesson the size of ‘A’ and ‘OF’ a little so the three words stand out more linking the trinity idea. Sorry, Kyla, I’ll stick to reading your stories 🙂

    1. Hi Phil. Thanks for your input. I’ve updated the post with more information about the book and put both covers next to each other. And thanks for reading my stories. Your thoughts and opinions mean more than a lot to me.

      1. Now I’m thinking the first but with the writing of the second with a blood drip / smear effect on ‘TALES’. But the writing may not stand out enough because of the similar colour background… Ooh, it’s not easy this art cover malarkey is it!
        Go with your instinct Kyla… or a coin toss 🙂

  3. I like the second one, more gritty. But I do love the text of the first one.

  4. I like the sharpness of the text on the first cover, but I like the darker tone of the second one.

  5. I like the one with the light background the best but I don’t get from it that the stories are about love/desire. Maybe change the title to reflect that or add a subtitle so it will be recognized as a bloody heart? Maybe “Jilted: A Trinity of Wicked Tales” or “A Trinity of Wicked Tales: Jilted Love.”

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