Hi, here’s a little about me and my projects


My name is Kyla and I write dark flash fiction,  short stories and books.  Most of my writing explore the dark side of human nature and/or flesh eating monsters.

My first book,  A Trinity of Wicked Tales- Jilted, is a collection of gruesome horror stories that explores the minds of the deranged.

In this collection of dark tales lives are savagely twisted, inner demons are reawakened and deception reigns supreme. A quest for a fix turns bloody for two heroin addicts as their vicious endeavors land them into a gruesome pitfall. A marketing executive and car salesmen are deceived by the ones they love. Armed with rage, they set out to slaughter those responsible.


My second book, Dark Designs from Kyrobooks, is a collection of flash fiction and short stories ranging from horror, thriller and suspense. There are hints of action and romantic suspense as well. The book is available on AmazonKobo , Barnes and Noble , iTunes , Page Foundry and Scribd  and it will always be free!


My third book, When We Swing, is an erotic thriller novel that follows six friends who decide to swing together in order to fix their marital problems. Secrets come out and the mask of a habitual liar, serial rapist, and satyriasis are shattered turning the intended blissful get-togethers into an unspeakable nightmare. Stay tuned for the cover reveal and pre-order updates throughout June 2017. Release is scheduled for August 2017.

My fourth book, Hotel Holly, is a horror novel. Chris and Riley are invited to ‘The Most Haunted Building in Michigan’ for a comedy show. The Victorian Mansion is still, eerie and oddly reawakens pass woes. But nothing is as strange or mysterious as the comedian, the handsome Allen Bent. After a few bad jokes and an upset crowd, all hell breaks loose dragging most of the audience into a gut wrenching slaughterhouse. Will Chris and Riley escape the depths of Hotel Holly, the only place where fears lurk every hall and doors disappear at the blink of an eye? Stay tuned for the cover reveal and pre-order updates throughout August 2017. Release is scheduled for September 2017.

My fifth book, Trish, is a horror novella. Patricia is a middle aged house mom who enjoys gardening, cooking, and spending time with her infant and loving husband. Trish is a century old, shape shifting vampire who has a thirst that can’t be fulfilled by her alter ego’s home cooked meals and family’s laughter. Join Trish on one of her Wednesday ‘yoga night’ that goes terribly wrong when she finds a young man whose blood is free of drugs and alcohol— a drink that could risk her identity or worse, end her life. Stay tuned for the cover reveal and updates throughout October 2017. Release is scheduled for November 2017.

These aren’t the official blurbs of synopsis’. I put these descriptions together to share my work and current status with you all. It’ll be updated as time goes on.

Until next time happy reading!



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